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Landscaping and Lawn Care Services Saved My Yard

landscaping essex ctSometimes, you make a big decision and wonder if it was a good one. I recently hired Giroux Landscaping to handle the upkeep of my yard. It was the best decision I made!

For years, I tried handling the grounds keeping on my own. From mowing to fertilization, from pruning to raking, I handled all of the duties to make my home look better. Well, it didn’t work. I often had patchy grass, unsightly weeds, over-trimmed shrubs, and a patio that looked unkempt.

The team of Giroux Landscaping landscapers quickly turned it all around for my Essex, CT home. Within a few visits, they corrected the mistakes that I had made with my “artistic” decisions. Their patio expert came in and revived the stonework I had on my patio. Not just a good power-washing, but a replacement of washed away polymeric sand. Now I don’t have to hang my head when I entertain out there.

The real magic happened in the back yard. With years of trying to keep up with my dogs’ destruction and the organisms living under the soil, I finally had enough. But with Giroux Landscaping lawn care services, the grass sprung back to life in weeks. It looks like the lawn I had before I moved into the house. I am more than pleased (and I’m sure my neighbors are too)!

I recommend Giroux because they not only have the equipment to do a vast overhaul of a lawn in dire need, but they give the attention to you as if you are their only customer. I personally met with the owner who supervised the whole project. I know he has many other customers, but I like knowing that he takes the time to connect with every project that his team is performing. All the benefits of a big company with a small business feel. That’s resonates highly with me.

So if you are in Essex, Chester, Old Saybrook, Old Lyme or any of the surrounding area, consider Giroux for your next landscaping project. You won’t regret it.

Giroux Landscaping can be reached at (860) 391-2341.

free vehicle history report

Car Searching Made Easy with Free Vin Check

free vehicle history report

Days of buying a car and keeping it till you can pass it along to your children, or other family member, are pretty much over. Cars just won’t last that long anymore. In an effort to make vehicles lighter, faster, and more fuel efficient, the manufacturer makes them out of materials that simply won’t last for 15 years, or longer, anymore. That doesn’t mean that you can’t buy a reliable, quality used car anymore though. Quite the opposite in fact. The used car market is booming more now than it has in quite a long time. People are holding on to their cars for a longer period of time, and when they do trade them in, they’re more likely to buy used than new, because the economy crash taught us all that the financial success we enjoy today, isn’t necessarily guaranteed for tomorrow.

Most all of us that have driven a car for a while have heard horror stories about used car salesmen, used car sales lots, and any combination thereof. Or we’ve experienced it ourselves. I have been asked on a pretty regular basis over the years, “What should I look for when I go shopping for a used car?” Well there’s not a right or wrong answer to that, but there are several things you can do to be much more certain you’re not being taken advantage of.

The very first thing I always recommend is to do your homework! Go to Motosnoop Free Vehicle History Reports to get a jump start. Don’t go to a used car dealer without a good idea of what type of vehicle you want. If you show up just wanting a different vehicle, they’re going to do everything they can to accommodate that. If you spend some time looking online, you can browse without being hassled by a salesman, you can find what kind of vehicle looks good to you, what colors you think look good on that body style of car, and what brand carries the model that looks best to you. Then when you show up at the car lot, you’re not walking in to be sold something, you’re walking in to purchase something you specifically want.

The next thing to do, is research what’s available in your area, and what the common price is. If there are 10 dealers near you that have the car you want, with the options you prefer, and a mileage range you’re comfortable with, but one of those dealers is offering theirs at a significant discount, you can be sure it’s not from the kindness of their heart. Make sure to check and to get a good idea of a fair price for the vehicle you want. Vehicles are routinely marked a few hundred to a few thousand dollars over fair market value, to allow for negotiation of the price. If you don’t have a good idea of what the vehicle is worth, you can easily end up paying $2,000 more than you needed to.

Now that you’ve done some preliminary research with Motosnoop free vin check, it’s time to go and see the vehicles in person. The first thing to do is the most obvious- a walk around inspection of the outside of the vehicle. You’ll want to start by looking at the tires. Take a penny, turn it upside down, and put it in the tread of the tire that looks the lowest to you. If President Lincoln’s head is covered up completely, that tire has at least half of its usable life left. Anything less than that and you’re going to be buying new tires within 6 months to a year of purchasing your new vehicle, and you should factor that into your price negotiation. You’ll also want to check the condition of the paint, look for any obvious signs of body damage and rust, make sure to look at the housings for the headlights and tail lights as well. You want to make sure there’s no water in the light housings, because that will indicate a seal is bad on the housing and it will need to be replaced. Light housings are not cheap!

Once you’ve looked over the outside, it’s time to check the interior. Order a Motosnoop free reg check then you turn the key to the on position (not starting the car, just turning it on) look at the dash board. All of the warning lights will light up for a few seconds. This is a bulb check that the vehicle performs every time the key is cycled on. Make sure you see the check engine light (if the check engine light is on you can visit for help diagnosing it, repair advice from an experienced technician, and much more), air bag light, ABS light, oil light, and any other warning lights this vehicle may be equipped with. A dishonest shop will remove the bulb from the dash to keep from having to perform expensive repairs. This has actually happened to me personally, and the car turned out to have a multitude of drivability problems. Once you’re satisfied that all of the warning lights are present and functional, check all of the electronic functions. Make sure all of the windows go up and down smoothly, the wipers work, the washer fluid sprayer works, the power door locks work, the radio turns on and all of its functions work, and then check the turn signals and headlights. You’ll want to go back outside for just a second to make sure the lights are working properly.

Now it’s time to start the car and continue the inspection. Make sure it doesn’t crank for too long before it starts. If it does, this could indicate anything from a weak battery to a faulty fuel system that’s not keeping enough pressure. Test the function of the heater and the A/C. Many people miss one or the other. If you live in the north and you’re buying a vehicle in the winter months, a surprising amount of people will only check the heater because it’s so cold outside. The reverse is true for the south. By the time they’ve realized that system was faulty to begin with, it’s much too late to take it back in most cases. Providing that there are no problems with the start-up, no problems with the heater or A/C, and no abnormal noises, it’s time to take a ride!

Quite a few people will only test drive a used car for 5 miles or less, and they very rarely take it on the highway. These are both big mistakes. The vehicle will reach full operating temperature in 5 miles, in most cases, but that’s not the same kind of heat stress that will be exerted on the vehicle after 10-15 miles. Once everything is hot, you need to drive the vehicle at that temperature for a while and then see how it reacts. The transmission in particular is completely different once it’s been driven for over 10 miles. The same goes for driving on the highway (if it’s feasible to do where you live). Your transmission can slip at 70 when it doesn’t slip at 50. This is also true for noises in the drivetrain, vibrations, and even overheating of the engine in certain situations. So make sure to take a lengthy test drive to see how the vehicle is really going to act once you’ve purchased it and taken it for your first pleasure ride. If you’ve done all of these things and the vehicle you’re looking at has passed all of these items, it’s a pretty safe bet that you’re going to get a dependable vehicle, without having to spend the money to buy brand new. Good luck, and happy car hunting!


Author Spotlight: Pat Mallon

Connecticut’s history is filled with a rich literary history. From classic authors like Mark Twain, poets like Carol Potter, or contemporary screenwriters like Charlie Kaufmann, the Nutmeg state has an endless supply of talent. When we discover that a local writer is up-and-coming, we gain a sense of pride and wish them the best on the national spotlight.

seefer-elliot-book-coverCase in point: Pat Mallon, long-time cartoonist and webcomic creator is gaining notoriety for his middle grade novels in the Seefer Elliot series. The books highlight a young teen boy who discovers he has the ability to control gravitational forces. What boy wouldn’t dream of that? But the cool factor comes with grave consequences as aliens, (zombified) secret agents, and mercenaries from this world and beyond try to hunt him down. The books are filled with humor and action, making this a perfect choice for young readers. No wonder it is gaining national recognition.

In his commitment to encouraging young people to read, Mr. Mallon has also dedicated a portion of his website to recommendations of other books that are not his own. His sixth grade book list features wonderful timeless classics while his recommended eighth grade books have more contemporary classics.

Born, raised and currently living in Connecticut, Mr. Mallon loves New England lifestyle. Although a state is never mentioned in his book, Seefer’s town of Camden draws inspiration for his upbringing in suburban CT. From minor league baseball parks to quiet neighborhoods, the setting of Seefer’s fist two books feels like home.

“Expect that to change,” Mallon says. His plans for the third book push Seefer onto the road in an attempt to flee the danger that pursues him. “The battlefield will be expanding a bit in the third installment.”

Look for Seefer Elliot and the World Aside Ours and Seefer Elliot and the Darkness Within on Amazon and in your local bookstores.

Find the best Rhinoplasty surgeon in CT

Find Best Plastic Surgeon in CT

I’ve been doing some exploration on accomplishing a nose job.

I totally love the CT Rhinoplasty‘s work and have seen large portions of your positive audits about him. Yet the main worry that I have about him, is that, the extent that preop “meeting” goes, It will be an email correspondences to him and no genuine vis-à-vis communication.I consider the preconsult to be a standout amongst the most indispensable segments of getting this technique as its vital to me that we are on the same level and comprehend each other. I’m not worried about needing to make a trip 12 hrs to accomplish it or the way that I’ll be far from home while I recoup. Those things don’t trouble me. The other element to acknowledge is that I think the CT Rhinoplasty nose job costs are very sensible though other’s surgeries have a tendency to be in any event $10,000 from what I’ve perused in this way? Be that as it may after all the costs spent on the excursion it will most likely work out to associate with that for traveling to the doctor at any rate.

call for a nose job estimatePresently, concerning the others- it creates the impression that he’s an extremely moral specialist which is awesome! This is an or more for me. Furthermore he is closer (1 hr flight) so I’m ready to have preop counsels with him. Notwithstanding I’m concerned about the fact that he makes the tips a bit too up turned when I took a gander at his after pictures?? I don’t have the foggiest idea, please fill me in regarding whether I’m not right! Furthermore I’ve just as of late found him dissimilar to my doctor.

So evidently, I am confounded with reference to who I ought to pick as my specialist! I would love a few criticisms from individuals who’s had CT rhinoplasty in Fairfield County done by both of the specialists, whether its been great or awful, or far better, in the event that you were in almost the same situation as me, where you were at odds by the ace’ sand con’s of picking both of the specialists and I would likewise love to hear your reasons why you picked the specialist that you picked. Toward the end of the day, picking the right specialist will be justified regardless of each penny so the expense distinction between these two specialists don’t make a difference to me on the off chance that it implies that I’ll have my marvelous nose :)Thank every one of you such a great amount ahead of time :) anticipating got notification from you!

visit Connecticut in New England

Visit Connecticut, New England

Prepared to go? We’ve got a lot of extraordinary destinations to visit investigate and appreciate in Connecticut and past!
visit Connecticut in New England


One of the considerable things about Connecticut is that you can actually do something other than what’s expected consistently and night and not have any rehashes! Here are a couple of major “can’t miss” occasions for you to consider adding to your late spring calendar.


Connecticut is honored with a plenitude of things to do and spots to visit, with many tremendous destinations over the state, from workmanship museums and theaters to club and water parks. Kick your goes off with these must-see spots!


With such a great amount to see and do, there’s no wrong approach to doing it. For the individuals who like to investigate a bit past the standard, there are various unique premium trails—official and informal to state offerings, including wine, obsolescents, malls and dinosaurs! Come investigate!


Why stop at the state line? The Northeast offers a perpetual supply of exercises and excursion destinations, all inside a couple hours’ drive. Here are a few highlights from neighboring expresses that offer getaways you won’t have any desire to make tracks in an opposite direction from!