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Author Spotlight: Pat Mallon

Connecticut’s history is filled with a rich literary history. From classic authors like Mark Twain, poets like Carol Potter, or contemporary screenwriters like Charlie Kaufmann, the Nutmeg state has an endless supply of talent. When we discover that a local writer is up-and-coming, we gain a sense of pride and wish them the best on the national spotlight.

seefer-elliot-book-coverCase in point: Pat Mallon, long-time cartoonist and webcomic creator is gaining notoriety for his middle grade novels in the Seefer Elliot series. The books highlight a young teen boy who discovers he has the ability to control gravitational forces. What boy wouldn’t dream of that? But the cool factor comes with grave consequences as aliens, (zombified) secret agents, and mercenaries from this world and beyond try to hunt him down. The books are filled with humor and action, making this a perfect choice for young readers. No wonder it is gaining national recognition.

In his commitment to encouraging young people to read, Mr. Mallon has also dedicated a portion of his website to recommendations of other books that are not his own. His sixth grade book list features wonderful timeless classics while his recommended eighth grade books have more contemporary classics.

Born, raised and currently living in Connecticut, Mr. Mallon loves New England lifestyle. Although a state is never mentioned in his book, Seefer’s town of Camden draws inspiration for his upbringing in suburban CT. From minor league baseball parks to quiet neighborhoods, the setting of Seefer’s fist two books feels like home.

“Expect that to change,” Mallon says. His plans for the third book push Seefer onto the road in an attempt to flee the danger that pursues him. “The battlefield will be expanding a bit in the third installment.”

Look for Seefer Elliot and the World Aside Ours and Seefer Elliot and the Darkness Within on Amazon and in your local bookstores.